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Forex trading is a very common way to make money online, it has increased a lot in popularity in the past few years. This market has a total volume of more than $ 1.5 trillion dollars every day. Not only It’s the biggest market in the world, but also it’s one of the newest markets to be accessible to the public. Since it’s start, people from all over the world is interested on trading in the currency markets, some people start in this world as a hobby or an entertainment and also as a way to make some profit, other people make full time income in this market.

It’s been a long time since people trade with currencies, but in the past, large companies were more common to make this kind of currency trades with large amounts of money, to fit their international commerce needs, buy and sell goods and services from other countries. Since the globalizacion of the internet day trading Forex has been more common and got the the attention of the general public. Now, everyday private capital from small and medium investors arrive to the accounts of brokers around the world, they find Forex as an interesting earnings method, they make trades everyday along with banks and large companies, and this new supply and demand, a lot of new capital is traded world wide with the help of brokers, systems and the accessibility of the internet.

What is Forex trading in common terms? In fact, you probably have made a currency transaction in your life, if you have traveled to another country you may have already bought or sold some euros, yen, francs or pounds, you name it. Also in this trading you may have also looked for the best exchange rate, that is the price of each currency in terms of another one. In short words, Foreign Exchange Markets are basically the same, but you make this trading expecting to have a profit, you buy some currency and expect the increase in the price to sell it that way you make money. It’s easier said than done, now the access to brokers is widely spread, and people just deposit in their accounts, and start to buy and sell sometimes without a strategy. You need to know the basics and become an expert in order to anticipate the market moves, to start predicting you have to analyze the thechnical aspects of the market.

In other words, if you want to trade small amounts and trade as a hobby, you can become rich, but you have to be patient and have a trading plan to know your goals and the different strategies to achieve them. You have to learn different trading styles and indicators, watch the charts and learn to make technical analysis, for all these reasons some people quit or never start day trading forex.

If you start trading and don’t have the experience and skills to read and predict the markets, you will probably end with an empty account, 95% of the retail traders (like you and me) lose their capital in the markets, just because they don’t have the necessary tools to start making money as a day trader.

Reading this site you will find tips to become a better day trader, don’t miss any of the articles here, you will find very useful information to start your successful forex trader life, be part of the 5% in green numbers, all this profit will be achieved following step by steps guides and analysis.

I decided to make this site to share my experience and to help people decide what system suits best to their needs, show the way I analyze the charts, which indicators I use and how I read them to anticipate some moves (up or down), how to protect your money by guiding you to the most recognized brokers in the industy, in the end I want to give you all the shortcuts to have success in the traders world.